Construction Procurement & Contract Administration

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • brief overview of procurement methods in construction.
  • understand the tendering practices in construction
  • explain the role and obligations of parties in contract.
  • understand the stages of contract administration under standard form of contract.
  • understand the extent of power and liability of a Contract Administrator in supervision, site safety, advice, giving information, instructions etc.

Course Content

  1. Introduction of Construction Procurement and Contract Administration
    • Introduction to procurement
    • Important of Procurement Systems
    • Types of Procurement Systems in Construction
    • Introduction to contract administration
    • Purpose of contract administration
    • Forms of Construction Contract
    • The Role and Obligations of Parties in Construction contract
  2. Construction Procurement
    • Types of Procurement Systems in Construction
    • Basic characteristics, strength and weakness of various procurement routes such as traditional method, Design and Build/turnkey, Management Contracting, BOT, Partnering, Public Finance Initiative (PFI) etc.
    • Traditional Systems Contractual relationship – Advantages & Disadvantages
    • Tendering Process & documentation
    • The Bidding processes
    • Evaluation process & award the contract
    • Contract Binding
    • Valid Contract